Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jon and Kristen's Wedding

A Weekend in Pittsburgh. . . ok well just Saturday!

We stopped in Center to have lunch with my mommy at Eat N Park!
This is Ashely and Brad the other two passengers of my car!

mom asked me not to take this picture. . . as you can tell I'm a great listener!

I love this picture of Aaron. I just didn't get me in it really!
Yay better!
So Aaron had made a bowtie for Brad to wear because he felt Brad was a little underdressed and so Brad made a necktie for Aaron. . .out of STRAW WRAPPERS!
At the wedding of one Kristen Healey and one Jonathan Parise. . . .and the two shall become one
she made such a beautiful bride!
pronouncing them husband and wife!
Having fun waiting for the bride and groom and come out!
cropped from the above photo. . . I just really liked the expression on Ashley's face.
Aaron's turn!
BOYS! They always have to be agressive. . .even when blowing bubbles apparently!
Bradley took this one and the next one because I'm too short.
blurry but I like it :)
I thought this was going to be a precious photo until I took it and realized the light was in the wrong spot :(
better lighting but lost some of the magic. This is our staff worker for InterVarsity John Wagner and his daughter Hannah! She's so freaking cute! I love her!
I was a little obsessed with this lamp.
Ashley and I wore the same type of shoes yay!
Impromptu Brad and Ashley photoshoot. . .I just liked the way they were looking at each other!

Cutting the cake! It was so yummy. I had it for breakfast this morning. It was just a white cake but it had an orange creamy layer. . . AMAZING!
cutting the cake again
first dance! You can see the band in the background. I found out though that I don't really like live bands. I'd rather have a DJ.
first dance. . .

I wanted to take more pictures but my batteries died :(


Holly said...

I like your photos, good job!

Moll moll said...

Awwww, Kristen's dress is beautiful! And it looks like an awesome wedding :-)

I miss them. And you. Thanks for sharing the pictures :-)

Deg said...

Hannah looks adorable in that photo! And yay for bubbles!

*Sarah* said...

cute, I like weddings :)

Sky Yaple said...

aw, weddings are so wonderful :-)

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