Monday, September 22, 2008

Coloring and Cutting

So I should hire someone to help me full time with the mundane things of my job that take forever. . . coloring and cutting out things, writing out the spelling words on flashcards, making flashcards. I now understand why teachers laminate everything and keep them forever. . . because it takes forever to make everything!!! Seriously it takes forever. I can't imagine a job where you do more work at home than you do while you are working. Teachers do really put in like 12-18 hour days sometimes. . . . Craziness. . .anyway back to the coloring and cutting!!!


Holly said...

I would help. Yes I would. I could help. Yes I could!

*Sarah* said...

That's like one of the main reasons I didn't wanna be a teacher! Haha. I wanna be DONE when I get home.

Toaster4JC said...

Miss Holly if you were here I would so enlist your help.

Sarah, I am beginning to understand completely. I mean I couldn't imagine having a family and trying to do the amount of work I'm doing right now. It's intense!

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