Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stomache problems and loneliness

So the past few days I've been having some stomach issues which is fine because at least they've been after school, but they are still a little annoying. Ok so I admit it. . . a lot annoying. Also I've been experiencing loneliness. I think honestly I'd be even a little more content if I just had a goldfish or something. Do you think it's something I should ask my landlord about? I know I can't have a cat or dog or anything but what about at fish? I think it should be fine. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Holly said...

Oh noes! Not tummy trouble. I hope it goes away soon.

If I were you, I'd ask about getting a cat. Cats tend not to tear things up like dogs, they are quiet and if you ask he might let you have one. When I lived in my first apartment I got a cat (didn't tell my landlord...I'm a rebel that way) and it made a world of difference. Fish? Probably not so much. BUT, if you do go for fish, I have a little 5 gallon tank if you want it.

Toaster4JC said...

He specifically asked if I had a cat before I could sign the papers. He doesn't like the idea of a cat. :( Or else I'd so try and take the little orange one if he was still available =P

*Sarah* said...

I know you already got fish, but a lot of landlords let you have hamsters & stuff too :) My apartment doesn't allow cats or dogs but they do allow ferrets... which I don't understand, I guess they think they are caged most of the time which they aren't.

I did sneak Phin here 2 years ago for a while but at this apartment complex they like to pop in and check up on your apartment without notice and most of the time when you're away.... so yeah =/

Toaster4JC said...

I was thinking about looking in to getting something small like that as well possibly. But maybe I'll wait for a while. I think the fishies will work out for now! It's weird though he said a bird would be ok and I"m like seriously??? they're messy and loud. I did'nt understand that. Anyway back to work for me.

*Sarah* said...

Yeah what the crap birds are SO messy and loud! Weird. I guess the only thing they care about is pee in the carpet.

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