Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Help please???

What's wrong in these pictures. . . I couldn't figure out how to take them. . . but I loved the look of my gumball machine with the Kissables in it.


Holly said...

I believe the thing you don't like is that they are a bit dark. However, I DO like them. If you have a photo editing program, try the bright/contrast setting.

Toaster4JC said...

I think what I really don't like is the flash on the bowl. .. I dislike it a lot. . . but I don't have software to try to remove it.

Holly said...

hmmmmm, making a list and checking it twice. hmmmmmm

*Sarah* said...

I think it is the lighting. I don't think flash EVER looks good unless you have a bounce flash which are those big ones that are erect and the flash bounces off the ceiling to diffuse the light. Remember it is always easier to do it right in the camera first than use editing software afterward. Some things you just can't change. I always use it off-flash, have good lighting in the room and hold it really still or use a tripod. Works for me.

I have a walmart floor lamp that I put some lightbulbs in (GE reveal 75 watts) and my classmates/professors have thought I was in the studio when actually I took them in my living room :) The light bulbs don't work in my ceiling light though... I think it has something to do with the wiring who knows. Here's one I took under those lights, no flash.

I didn't even use a tripod I just propped my wrists on the table and held the camera with both hands, held my breath and pressed the button.

*Sarah* said...

p.s. for that picture I linked to, click on it to zoom in a bit it helps the sharpness be more accurate

Toaster4JC said...

Thanks Sarah. That picture is amazing by the way. Perhaps I can turn my floor lamp up and the flash off and see what happens! I also just don't really know enough about photography (I've never taken classes or anything), I just like it a lot. thanks for the tips!

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