Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Roommates yet.. .

Hopefully soon I will have some little guys (or gals) to fill up this thing! Walmart is getting all rearranged so I didn't get to get any tonight. But I decided I could get the bowl anyway because then I could let the water sit out and have all the fun chemicals evaporate before I introduce little fishies to the water!

I was just having fun taking pictures cuz I don't get to do it much any more! So yeah. . . these are just in the kitchen!


Holly said...

what kind of fishies are you going to get?

Toaster4JC said...

probably just goldfishies of some variety or another. I miss the ones I used to get when I was little. We can't find them anymore but they had bubbles over their eyes that if they popped they'd grow back. Not that I'd necessarily want one now but yeah. I think I'll just get a few inexpensive ones for now. Hopefully a white and orange one. . . Can you tell I"m a sucker for that combination. That's the kind of kitty I want too!

Anonymous said...

Petsmart has the ones with the bubbly eyes. I just read this, other wise I would have let you know before hand. =]

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