Monday, July 28, 2008

Backyard Campfire

So dad found this fire ring, but didn't tell us and we thought he was going insane when he went and bought hot dogs and marshmallows to roast in the backyard. . . like all we have is sand from where the pool was. Then we went outside and found this. I really like the pictures without the flash but it's so hard to get them at night to turn out well.
I like the angle on this one!

Kristin insists on catching her marshmallows on fire. . . but won't blow them out. Dad was taking forever to blow this one out.

I like this picture of the ashes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tyler's Photos

"the tracker"

"Birdie Wordie"

"Cute and Cuddley"

"Sun Bathing"

"Shadow Tag"

Ryan's Photos


"Robin in the Hood"

"Slide Chaser"

"Aunt Amanda Drawing"

"Ty's New Friend"

Bug Boys Photos. . .

Each of my nephews wanted to take some pictures using my camera yesterday. These are the results for Colton."Bumblebee""My Brother"

"The Robin"
"The Shadow"
Look to the left and you can see the bug on the piece of wood. Also he was trying to take shadows in this picture.
"The Bug on the Slide"

Our 2 mile walk. . .

These are some of the things we saw:

Friendly Chicken. . . Some sheep,

Ducks. . . and geese. . . and dogs. . .

and. . . HERSHEY BAR. . . their goat. . .This is one of two homesteads in Center.

Eating this thing that looked like a candy cane. . . I love Ryan in this one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watering the kids. . . and the lawn :)

So I put out the sprinkler and they have this habit of playing on the swingset instead but that's ok this was a cool shot.

I don't know why but I thought this just looked cool so I took a picture.

Their aunt had to show them how it's done. . . look at that flat back. . . or at least nearly.

I like this one because they were just having a lot of fun being goofs.

and then he told me to chase him and the fight was on. . .

And I won and through him over the sprinkler

Tyler took this awesome shot of me spraying Colton with the hose. I like it a lot!
He also took this nifty shot. I didn't edit it at all I thought it was very interesting.
And then I stole the camera back to catch all of them.

Home again Home Again Jiggity Jig

After the wedding, I came home to watch my nephews, I'm not going to lie, I was quite tired after the weekend, but I still managed to take them outside and such.

This little monkey is obsessed with bugs. I'm not kidding. We'll be playing freeze tag and he'll be it, but if he sees a bug on the slide he RUNS to go see the bug and completely forgets he's playing. . . or else he just doesn't care. One or the other he loves his bugs.
Tyler was having fun fixing his hair in different ways.

I like this picture I took of the sis.

And then their mom gave them sugar wafers to eat for snack. They were fascinated at trying to take them apart without breaking them.

Justin AND Sally MCKENNEY. . . TADA!

Ok, so she's not Sally McKenney just yet in some of these pictures. In fact, she's not Sally McKenney until the last one. The picture below is from the Bachelorette party, we had written down memories we had of her and she had to guess who wrote it. And for an added twist, we made her read them in crazy voices. :)
See. . . this was fun. . . Nicky and Molly enjoying themselves.

Opening gifts. I will not say on here what they were. Other than gifts we couldn't really give her at the bridal showers O:-).

Getting ready for the rehearsal.

And then. . . on Saturday morning after we had just finally finished decorating the reception hall and going to the store to pick up some last minute things we were trying to race back to the hotel and get ready. . . and then we find these geese crossing the road. At the time it was not funny at all. It ended up turning out alright though.

And then the most beautiful bride and the world got ready. . . pay attention to the dress. . . SHE MADE IT!!! With a little help from her mom. Still amazes me. This is her sister-in-law fluffing the dress.

And these were the beautiful stairs we got to take pictures on. :)

Liz, the maid of honor fixing the very long train :)

And this handsome little guy was supposed to walk down the aisle with me but I ended up walking down the flower girl because she wouldn't go to the bridesmaid that was supposed to walk her down. He's so cute though. I also loved Sally looking at him in this photo.

AND my only picture of the happy couple. After we got to the reception Sally's dad brought in my purse and I didn't know where it was so I didn't get anymore photos. But here they are Mr. and Mrs. Justin McKenney!

Baking fun . . .

We made Aaron cake cookies for his birthday. . .
look at that determination :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So I've been slacking. . .

Sorry, I've been slacking these past few weeks as I've been keeping busy. I'll try to get caught up tomorrow! Also some exciting news. . . get ready. . .

OK, it's not that exciting but. . .

I HAVE MY FIRST INTERVIEW IN . . . . ERIE!!! I'M SO EXCITED! I hope that things go well. Please be praying for me :)

The Peaches Experiment :)

This is the forehead I love to kiss :) hehehe I love this puppy

hehe. . . she looks silly in this one

and this is why we call her sad eyes

My Playlist

I hate auto-start so I turned it off!