Thursday, July 24, 2008

Watering the kids. . . and the lawn :)

So I put out the sprinkler and they have this habit of playing on the swingset instead but that's ok this was a cool shot.

I don't know why but I thought this just looked cool so I took a picture.

Their aunt had to show them how it's done. . . look at that flat back. . . or at least nearly.

I like this one because they were just having a lot of fun being goofs.

and then he told me to chase him and the fight was on. . .

And I won and through him over the sprinkler

Tyler took this awesome shot of me spraying Colton with the hose. I like it a lot!
He also took this nifty shot. I didn't edit it at all I thought it was very interesting.
And then I stole the camera back to catch all of them.

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*Sarah* said...

Aw I love those pictures, aren't kids the best? You're lucky to have nephews to play with.

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