Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick update

So today I found out that I won't have first grade for language arts (reading, writing, grammar, that kinda stuff) anymore. Praise God! This should help a ton. I'm hoping so anyway because Mr. Rebellious is a first grader. Also it'll give me more time to spend with the other two grades while they are gone and then I can more easily work with them on their math when they get back. I'm thrilled with this because I should be a little bit freer (haha hopefully). Anyway yeah Mr. Rebellious has OSS now because he slapped another student today. So yeah. Interesting stuff. Anyone wanna work on correcting some papers for me??? Or lesson planning??? or creating centers??? pretty please???. . . btw, why do I have to be so dang ambious???


Holly said...

sure I'll help! I'll screw 'em up, but it'll be interesting

Holly said...

and this poor kid is still just in first grade. Can you imagine what he will be like by the time he's 16?

Toaster4JC said...

Hopefully we can reach him before then!!! That's the hope of our school anyway. Yeah my director told me he'd have a talk with him everyday and make his life quite miserable if necessary. So yeah, and my director is like the sweetest guy so that could be interesting. Hey btw do you happen to have any like outdoorsy magazines or know where I could find some? I want my kids to make a collage of things they'd find in the deciduous forest habitat (Erie ish) but I don't have any magazines to use. Thanks!

Holly said...

hmmmm, don't know about the mag...I'll look tomorrow.

I'd use positive reinforcement all around Mr Rebellious rather than punishment since I bet he's already figured out he can't do anything right and punishment means so little to him

but that's just me.

*Sarah* said...

Nice! I hope that lessens the burden.

Yeah I feel bad for that kid. His behavior is most likely due to parenting. Of course there are genetic components but they can be largely controlled by a knowledgable family on how to deal with it. Some people just don't know how to deal with a difficult kid, and soem actually just turn a normal kid into a difficult kid. So I do kind of feel bad for him, but it doesn't lessen the frustration at all. I'm mad at him and I don't even know him.

I mean I never had kids or anything but that's what seems to be the case :)

Also, for magazines, I know some names like national geographic of course but WHERE to get them on the cheap... dunno :( In indiana we have a little bookstore that sells used magazines and used books but to find a place like that might be too much effort, but just a thought!

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