Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fruits and Wegtables

Here are some of the shots that I took today while the girls were sleeping.  As always let me know what you think.  Not sure how I feel about some of them.
Red and Green pepper

Green pepper by itself

A cool fruit called an Asian pear apparently.  It tasted good when I had some of Rachel's yesterday.

Apple.  I think this one might be my favorite.

So let me know what you think.  I couldn't find a spot that I would like to really take the photos so I put a white piece of paper down on the table for my backdrop.


Holly said...

I like the apple and the green pepper by itself. The stems add a bit of definition to the photos.

Toaster4JC said...

I agree I like those two best as well. I don't really like the peppers together very much but it's what I had.

Sky said...

I like the Asian pear!

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