Sunday, September 13, 2009

Campfire stories

Yesterday was a great day. Aaron called into work and found out that he had to go to work for an undetermined amount of time for his first real day on the job. While Aaron was at work I got to hang out with his mom and Courtney. We had a great day together we made some lunch together (well they made it and I washed up the dishes.) Then we looked at scrapbooking websites and some AMAZING photos that some of Holly's friends have put up on Blogger. I'm just amazed with some people's photography skills. They are always able to take the most excellent pictures. Then Holly, Court and I went to the barn. Holly has made it her goal to make me not afraid of her uberduper super spancy scary camera. It has a lens longer than my arm (ok not really but you get the idea.) I took the camera around while they fed the horses at the barn and I was getting more comfortable using it finally although I'm still a bit afraid of breaking it. I hope some of the pictures that I took turned out well. Then when it was time for Court to ride Mojo, I went to pick up Aaron and head off to hang out with my family. Being inspired by all of the wonderful artwork, here are some pictures that I was able to take on my camera that day. Let me know what you think. If you would like to see all of the pictures from this weekend I am going to attempt to put them up on Facebook soon.
Me playing around taking pictures of my eye because I thought it looked really cool that day.
Can't tell if I like the top or bottom picture better. It is the same barbed wire wreath at the barn, just taken standing in two different places.
I'm a big kittah, honest.
Dad being extra gentle with Peaches, she was hurting very badly and is going to the vet on Tuesday.
He's so handsome!
Like the look of the fire in this one. . .
but the bubbliness of the wood in this one.
Aaron and Brandon, fireside.


Holly said...

"uberduper super spancy scary camera"


You did good. We will have more times to play with it.

I like the first barbed wire one best.

Moll moll said...

I like the first barbed wire picture :-) And the fire ones! They're so cool. I'm glad you had a good day, Amanda!

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