Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally got the courage

. . . to pull my huge tank of a car off the road to take some pictures of this cornfield in Girard/Fairview.  It's really awesome in person.  I will show you some of the less detailed shots and the macro shots I took.

This one is for perspective of the field.  It stretched at least that far in the other direction also.

Gives you an idea of how blustery it is today! :) I love it though :)

Macro shot #1

Macro Shot #2

Macro shot #3 of the silk on the corn.  Looks really appetizing doesn't it? :-P

Ah, I thrive in this weather! :)


Sky said...

my favorite is macro shot #1! macro is so cool. and i love fall too... it's just the season that comes so soon after fall that i hate. but i'll enjoy the little bit of fall that we get here while it lasts.

Holly said...

I really like the perspective photo and macro's 1 & 2.

did you know that corn is a modified grass?????

Deg said...

I like the first and fourth images best.

Toaster4JC said...

Thanks everyone for your input! :) And no I didn't realize corn was a modified grass.

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