Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tagged by Holly

So I was tagged by Holly sometime last week to list 6 quirks about me. I'm not sure how I'm going to list only 6 but that's ok. I shall try. I guess the deal is I will also tag 6 of you so beware readers of the blog your turn is coming. I also don't have 6 people to tag so I'm only tagging 5. HAHAHAHAHAHA CUZ I STINK LIKE THAT!

Quirk 1 - I LOVE HUGS!!! I will hug very very often. I'm a very snuggly person by nature. It's very strange though because the rest of my family is like anti-touch. I think also the fact that I'm psuedo-cold blooded makes me an instant snuggler because I need the extra body heat.

Quirk 2 - I love to take photos. I've also experienced the camera becoming a part of my body although less so lately because school has taken over my life but I will always have my camera around for special occasions.

Quirk 3 - I have a hard time cooking for myself when I eat at most one meal a day at my apartment. It makes it very difficult for me to force myself to cook. As a result I throw out some of my food because I can't use it fast enough.

Quirk 4 - This is a strange one for sure. I'm very weary to try new things except when I am in situations where I have no choice. For example when Aaron and I went to Toronto with his roommate Andrew from Singapore I tried things I would never eat under normal circumstances. Let me put this into context for you: I didn't try GRILLED CHEESE until college, or any vegetables other than corn and potatoes (which most people say don't count). Anyway in Toronto I tried: Lobster, Squid Soup (I didn't find out until a week later), the nastiest thing I've ever eaten in my life: A CHINESE MUSHROOM, it literally made me gag . . . a lot, Fish with the bones still in it looking back at you, and a variety of weird looking fruits including: lychee and rambutan

Quirk 5 - I love football when I get to watch it. I would love to be able to watch a football game on Sundays with Aaron curled up on the couch. Too bad he doesn't like football. I spent a lot of time at high school football games growing up and mom didn't let me walk around during the games until at least high school because she didn't want me to get into trouble. So I learned a lot of the ins and outs of the game. I learned to love it a lot. She learned to like it from my grandpa because he drove her around to all of the football games when she was a majorette.

Quirk 6 - I love to sing. I feel like I'm not very good at it but I am constantly singing. For example I've had the song "Tears of the Saints" by Leeland stuck in my head all day long.
I constantly have a song in my head. . . all the time. Like when I'm reading my Bible, often I start singing a song inspired by the words I'm reading in the passage. I also will often hear someone say somethign and think of a song as well.

So those are my 6 quirks. I hope that you guys learned at least one new thing about me based on this. There are certainly more but that'll do for now.

So here are the 5 tagged people:

1. Sky - My ex-future Wife (don't worry it's just a joke.) I love Sky a lot she's such a cool person and I'm so happy I've gotten to know her.

2. Andrew - "Deg" Andrew has become a great friend over the past few years due to our friendship through InterVarsity.

3. Moll Moll - such a sweetheart I love her so very much.

4. Matt - Someone I just got to know recently but look forward to getting to know better.

5. Kim - My cousin who I've always enjoyed spending time with.


Holly said...

I think you have a beautiful voice.

I did know about the football....and remember, if Aaron is going to make you eat veggies, he can watch (or sleep through) football for you.

the's an addiction isn't it?

Toaster4JC said...

Absolutely, to the football and camera claims!

Sky Yaple said...

aww, my future ex-wife! i love you and your quirks!

*Sarah* said...

I love hugs too!!!! I'm such a snuggle bug. I'm always cold too haha

I come across that problem too with cooking now that I live alone. It sucks. I LOVE to cook... but I hate buying things to make something real because I never use up the ingredients before they go bad :(

Haha I don't like football either :) maybe because he and I both just never had any connection to it growing up. Like NFL wise. I went to HS football games, before I was in the band I would always be with friends walking around or whatever so I never really watched the game. Then I was in band and talking to friends in the stands instead of watching haha. I don't like most sports though. I don't like PLAYING them even more.

Toaster4JC said...

I also dislike playing sports. I'm just not athletic at all and so I always stink at them and so I dislike it very much because it's like the always picked last in gym class experience. Although I liked playing ultimate frisbee in college even though I stunk at it too. It was still fun and good exercise.

I did enjoy dancing. . . and still do. I miss tap A LOT!!!

*Sarah* said...

Me too! Haha I have always sucked at sports. I think it's either craftiness or sports, not both! And yeah I LOVE dancing... I wish my dad wasn't such a douche and let me get back into it (stopped after 7th grade) and into ballet which I never took, only jazz. But oh well.

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