Tuesday, October 7, 2008

stupid but perseverant fishie

I forgot to post this last week but Goldilocks decided she didn't like the container she was in and flopped out onto the floor I came home later one night (probably like 11 ish) and picked her up with a paper towel and decided for the heck of it to put her back in her bowl and see if she was ok. Here we are a week later and a little less tail and she's swimming around. Stupid fishie! At least she survived. Anyway yeah she's a brat she dislikes me muchly like any time I come near the bowl she's like, nope swimming away now. And she won't eat if I'm anywhere near the bowl which can sometimes be a problem. goofy fishie. I wish I could have a real pet in a way but I'd really rather not have to take care of it right now and I'm not home often enough to take care of it well. :( I wish I was. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be a lot more experienced and able to have a pet (which will take convincing my landlord of course.)

Anyway yeah this week has also been rough in school. One student was suspended. Last week he was having very bad rages and Thursday I left crying because he literally flipped my room upside down. I was so afraid he was going to hurt himself. I didn't care if he hurt me I just didn't want him to hurt himself. He was such a sweet kid when we started school. I'm not sure what has happeend. He doesn't care about consequences anymore. He actually tells me he wants to be suspended and things. Well he got his wish yesterday he was suspended because he kicked another student. The suspension came as a result of a lot of things he had done in the past two weeks. It's just very sad because he's only 8 years old. I just don't understand how these kinds of things happen to kids so young.

Update on Mr. Rebellious: He's been so rude to all of the students in the class lately ie. calling their moms names, pushing them in the halls, literally tripping over them; cheating in dodgeball (and he's a big kid); not doing his work and the like. He is no longer allowed in my class until his behavior changes. He gets off the bus and goes straight to the office, and then we take his work, breakfast and lunch in to him. He's not allowed to leave the office except to go to the bathroom. I'm not sure when he'll be allowed back in the classroom. I don't know what to do with him because nothing seems to be working. I mean this morning he snuck past the people walking the kids to the classes and was in my classroom and almost got decked by another student because he was calling said student's mom names again. MR. REBELLIOUS WAS IN THE OFFICE ALL DAY YESTERDAY BECAUSE OF SUCH BEHAVIOR!!! It's just so frustrating that I don't know what to do for him. He also has a tendency to lie . . . A Lot! I've caught him in so many lies it's unreal for a 6 year old. He never thinks anything is his fault. He also thinks his nanna is the authority at school and has the ability to tell me what he's allowed and not allowed to do. Blah! Sorry I'm ranting. I just wish I could somehow reach this kid because he's so intelligent but chooses to act poorly all the time!

On the up side: Sunday is Friend's Day at church and I get to see Aaron's Mom Holly for Friends day and her birthday! AWESOME! I love her so very much! I also get to see Courtney, Aaron's sister which is awesome because I love Courtney as well. The only one missing will be Sarah. (you will be missed Sarah). I'm excited for this weekend. And I'm kinda excited to NOT have a wedding this weekend. But having so many weddings right in a row does NOT make it easier for me to wait to get married.


*Sarah* said...

Crazy fishie. I had a little shrimp back when I had fish and I named him Herbie The Emo Shrimp because was continually trying to commit suicide by jumping out of my tank. I always imagined him with dark rimmed glasses.

And that super sucks about the kids... for Mr. Rebellious, there HAS to be problems at home for a six year old to be that angry and out of control. It makes me sad that that happens sometimes.

And actually I was THINKING about coming home this weekend because it isn't THAT far away and I don't have much to do this weekend but I don't know... Anything with the word "home" in it makes me not want to go because that means DAD'S HOUSE. Though I could stay at mom's but dad would be offended if he knew. I guess I could play it off as it's her birthday so I'm spending time with her thing. HRM! We'll see. I'm lazy too.

Holly said...

Goldfish are really tough. Now you know. They live in murky, icky water, they thrive on little oxygen, they eat darn near anything. They also *clicker train* well.......

As for Mr. Rebellious.....I am sure I'd start a desens and OC program just for him, but not tell him. Easy for me to say, hard for you to do and I don't know if you are even allowed to do that stuff. I'd quit with taking things away (punishment) as much as possible and start with rewarding good behavior. I'd also start to use emotional leverage with the OTHER kids so he might want what they are getting.

Toaster4JC said...

If only that would work. I've tried it with him and it doesn't seem to be working (rewarding good behavior that is.) I feel like no matter what I try with him nothing seems to work. It's frustrating but that's ok. Hopefully he will start to understand a little more why he needs to follow rules soon enough. Like when he doesn't get to go on the trip to Chuck E. Cheese when the rest of my class gets to go. Which I need to talk to Mr. Collins about. Anyway yeah!

Moll moll said...

My fishies know what their food jar looks like. And they beg for food when they're hungry. If they see me they swim up to the closest place to me that they can and stare at me until I feed them. It's adorable. They are going to get fat... I swear they think they're dogs...haha.

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