Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvest . .

Is the fall conference put on by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (well the Western PA Northern WV part of it). That was this past weekend at the Pittsburgh Project in Pittsburgh. It was different returning to the conference as an alum this year and not as a student. It wasn't quite what I was expecting.

The theme this year was: Playing For Keeps: Going All In With God. It was very neat because they had a poker theme going on all weekend with some dramatizations and such. The decorations were Playing Cards and Poker Chips, and our name tags were cards also. I picked the 8 of hearts because it's my favorite. I don't know why.

Also, I realized this weekend through some of the seminars and through our speaker on Saturday night some of the things I've been holding back from God. I also realized some of the ways that I've hindered the chapter that I was a part of. I never really helped to prepare anyone to be the leader after I left. As a result the Mercyhurst Chapter is nearly non-existant. It makes me thoroughly saddened. Also, I feel like I've not only let God down I let my chapter down in that regard. Also at PSB, during InterVarsity CF (our large event on Thursdays), I usually kinda welcomed everyone and ran up and gave the frequenters hugs and ran to talk to the new people to try to make them feel welcome. I feel like that is also missing this year. Please be praying that God would reveal to me how to minister to IV and also that He would raise up leaders at PSB and Mercyhurst. There are some other things too but those are for another day and another blog.

The worship (singing songs to God) was AMAZING!!! We had multicultural worship which I LOVE! I love learning to praise God in other languages because there is a passage in Revelation that tells us that in Heaven we will be hearing songs in all languages. So it's nice to have that little piece of Heaven here on Earth. We sang one song in Haitian Creole called "Il Ma Sauve" it means "He Saved Me." I LOVE THIS SONG. If you'd ever like to listen to it let me know because I have it. It's so fantastic. It's a great song to dance to and so Molly and I were in the back when we were singing it the first time and we were dancing on the chairs in the back. It was so much fun. I'm always excited when praising God through dance is encouraged. We also sang a song I can't remember the name of it but here's part of how it goes:
Take our hands
move our feet
break our hearts
with the things that make
your heart break
let us be Your hands
let us be Your feet
Let us be the love that longs for those in need
Spirit move
across the land
we invite you
to move on earth by your sovreign hand
(Repeat Chorus)

I love this song. During the prayer labyrinth they had set up, they had things that we could pray about to Go all in for the Kingdom of God. One station was on justice. I wanted to cry looking at the pictures they had set up. One of them had a little naked baby of African descent, curled into a ball starving in the streets. Whenever we were singing the above song, all I could think of was this picture of this little baby. I pray that God would use me in a great way. I don't know what He wants for the rest of my life but I will continue to follow Him and his leading me.

I also had a great time spending time with those that came from PSB. We at one point were playing wheel of fortune and then decided to have a photoshoot which was lots of fun. I'll try to get DEG to post some pictures that we took during our photoshoot. We also had some pizza that day from Mandy's Pizza. It was fantastic!

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow. For now it is getting quite late and I should probably actually go to sleep.

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