Monday, October 20, 2008

Lately. . .

I have been missing this girl, Robin.
This was us carrying up her bags after I picked her up from the Cleveland airport my junior year of college when she came to visit us after Christmas because she was still on break! :)

She was one of my best friends in College. She's also one of the big reasons I am a Christian today. God definitely blessed me by bringing her all the way from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Erie, PA where she learned what snow was my freshman year of college. We were only together for our freshman year but oh my goodness whenever we get back together it's as if nothing has changed. We still laugh at the same jokes, she still is obsessed with Coke, she still has her uberlong hair and craftiness. She is the kind of friend you will have for a whole lifetime.

Here is a picture of the 5 of us that made up SLAMR my freshman year, Sally, Liz, Amanda, Meg, and Robin.
Oh the college life that I sometimes miss way too much. I miss my roommates a lot. But I am so blessed to have even known them at all. Also I'm so grateful that through Robin and Sally all 5 of us came to know the Jesus of the Bible. Coincidence that we were all roommates my freshman year? I think not. I know that God has a plan for my life and my freshman year of college that definitly included having Robin as my suitemate to goof off with, to joke around with, to watch movies with, cause a ruckus with, hang things on the ceiling with, jump off of beds with, and most importantly, study the Bible with. She was such a wonderful friend and always will be. If only we could get her to move closer to PA. *Sigh*

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