Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding thoughts

So we are hoping to get married May 1, 2010.  Right now we are hoping to reserve Grace Church for that day since it is very REASONABLE to have both the ceremony and reception there.  AND we could have OUR pastor marry us.  Which is EXTREMELY important to us.  We love our pastor very much. But I'm not sure what we will do if that falls through.  Finding a place within our budget for 250-350 people will be a challenge I'm sure. 

Also I'm trying to find bridesmaid dresses for under $50, that are not too short and not revealing.  Talk about another challenge. Modesty is very important to me. I know that in the end everything will work out but man I get stressed out so easily.  I'm like already freaking out about a lot when I shouldn't be. 

Now it is time for me to go though so that I can get together some clothing to wear for our engagement pictures this weekend.  Provided I can do some laundry at some point tomorrow *wink wink* Holly??  I just don't feel like doing it at work tomorrow for some reason.  Any suggestions of what to wear?  I'm thinking an orange sweater with either jeans or a skirt, but it's not necessarily super flattering so I was thinking of bringing another outfit too but I don't know what.  Probably another sweater, haha cuz I'm a dork like that :)


Sarah said...

If you look at the department stores a lot of them have dresses you can have your girls wear that are pretty reasonable, and even if you say go to david's bridal or bridal elegance, they do have stuff on clearance, so you might be able to find something that way...

Holly said...

wear jeans. The weather might not be "skirt weather" and you liked the casual poses in the things we discussed better anyway. Bring as much laundry as you want with you and you can do it here.

quit stressing. Somehow these things always work out and you have a window of time anyway. It'll. be. ok.

or you could elope...with just a party when you get back....

*ducking and running*.

Toaster4JC said...

Yes, Sarah you are right. Maybe I can plan a weekend when I can get most of the girls together and go dress shopping. The weekend of my birthday might work, my mom and Godmother will already be up here. Maybe we can go November 7th??? Let me know what you think. If you'll be able to make it and such.

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