Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holly's Challenge Day #2 (Saturday)

This morning Holly and I went out scouting places for the engagement photos tonight and stumbled upon some pictures for today's challenge.  Here are my 9.

Memory Lane in Mead Park

Good for photos, not good for eating!

I just like this memorial for some reason.

she took me backdrop hunting!

cool moss covered log

Also cool for photo taking, bad for eating.

that's where we were.  I love that place.  A gem in Corry!

No idea what this is but thought it looked cool.  I love the wispy leaves.

The decline of fall. 

*Please remember all of these are uneditted.  I'm borrowing Aaron's computer while he sleeps.*


Grey Horse Matters said...

There's some really unusual looking stuff you found on your walk. Very interesting. They're all great shots.

Holly said...

Love them all, who is that fat old woman tho? LOL.

Deg said...

I really like this batch!

Toaster4JC said...

Thanks everyone! :) Hopefully I will get some more good ones today at the gamelands! Woot!

Train Wreck said...

Ok how are you and Holly related?? he he. I would love to come take your engagement photos. Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by. Looks like you have several beautiful options for your backdrop.

Toaster4JC said...

Hahaha! Thanks TW, I was just joking btw. Holly and I aren't related yet. I'm engaged to her son! She is a sweetheart and so is he. I'm so blessed to be able to join this family in a few months!

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