Monday, October 19, 2009

Aaron and I are ENGAGED!!!!!

Praise God, Aaron asked me to marry him this past Sunday and I said "Yes yes yes, please put the ring on!" Well there is more to it than that but that seems to be everyone's favorite part of the story. :)

I kinda knew something was up because he always gives me details about everything so when he said he did "errands online," I thought "ring???" Then he also asked about 5 times if this past weekend was open for Panama Rocks.  But then he tried to trick me by saying he'd email InterVarsity to see if they wanted to go.  And then he said why don't we ask Brandon.  But anyway so he had me going both ways for a while.  But regardless of whether or  not it was a total surprise isn't important.  IT WAS PERFECT!!!. . . and even better than that I get to marry the love of my life in about 6 months! AMAZINGNESS!!!

Anyway, we went to Panama Rocks in Panama, NY after church this past Sunday and we got there and I was taking pictures (it's what I do) and walking and talking to each other during the walk through the scenery.  I was thoroughly enjoying just walking and holding his hand and having him lead me as I was a little bit unsure about it because the wet leaves made things a bit slippery.  (Oh, side note: Praise God we got to go because the day before they closed due to 5 inches of snow!!!) But we had fun climbing on the rocks and taking photos and Aaron decided to ask me to climb down one rock that scared me and I was like no no no no no and so on.  So I went around the other way and met him.  Then we walked on a little farther and he asked to sit down since he was out of breath. (He had been sick and later told me he wouldn't have come if he hadn't been proposing.) Then, he said something to the affect (I don't exactly remember because I heard "lots of loving things, *don't cry don't cry, crap I'm crying*, saw him get on one knee, and open the ring box, with a gorgeous ring inside and asked me to marry him") But he said: Amanda, I love you very much and I always enjoy all of the adventures that we have together, and I know there will be many obstacles but that if we keep loving and serving God He will help us to conquer them.  And I know we've been looking at all of these pretty rocks, but I'd like to show you the prettiest one I've found (as he gets on one knee). Will you marry me?" To which I reply "Yes yes yes, please put the ring on.  I love you so much." And almost pulled him up off the ground to hug him as we both hugged and laughed and cried and greatness! The people behind us probably thought we were crazy and guess what, they wouldn't be wrong to think that. 

We finished walking through the area and had fun taking pictures and hugging and holding hands.  Then on the way back we got lost (see that whole adventure thing already kicking in.)  But we figured it out and then we went and called our family and friends for about 2 hours to let them know before someone else did. 

We are so thrilled and not really very far into planning yet, but it will come.  I'm just so happy that I will be able to spend the rest of my life with Aaron, he is my best friend, my comforter, the one God has provided for me, my partner in ministry, my comedic relief (often), personal heater, confidant, and everything else good and great and wonderful.  I love him so much.  I'm so happy that I will be able to join in his family as well as I love them very much also.  And I pray that my family will take him in as a son and love him too.

I would have posted more pictures of us together but when I took them off my camera I did it at Holly's so here are a few pictures of the ring instead.  BTW, it's TOTALLY me!



Sky said...

unbelievably happy for you two! love love love to you both!

Toaster4JC said...

Thanks Sky! I'm incredibly happy too! Thanks so much for your support.

Holly said...

"The people behind us probably thought we were crazy"

it's a contagious family trait. We all be crazy and now you are too! Great, isn't it?

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