Saturday, May 24, 2008

Old Time Photos of my Dogs

For a long time I've liked taking photos of my dogs. These are all older photos but I really like them all. I'm only posting the cropped ones if you'd like to see the originals let me know.

This is Peaches and Meeshia looking out the front door. I like taking photos of them when they aren't looking because they are more natural then!

This is Rugrat. . . she's a pain. Mom loves her a lot though!

Probably one of my favorite photos of my dogs that I've ever taken. I really like the contrast of the dark dogs and the green grass outside.

I don't like how dark this photo is but I still like it a lot. I think that it is just a very cute picture of her looking out the window.
Merry Christmas Meeshia!

Merry Christmas Peaches! They just had so much fun with the presents!
Ignore the person in the photo. I just think this is cute of the puppies.


Holly said...

love the backlit one at the window.

why would I ignore the person? She's cute.

Deg said...

Puppies are awesome!
Here's a tip for photos like the first two: Don't be afraid to get down level with the action. Lie on your stomach and take the photo eye-level with the dogs for some really awesome images. (e.g.

Toaster4JC said...

Thanks for the tips!!!! You both are awesome!

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