Friday, May 23, 2008

Kids and Sibs and Horseys on FIRE?

Such a cute picture of Jen Ruhl's cousin. She was just so cute. Her name was Madelynne. I just adored taking pictures of her. This picture I like because of the contrasts in height between the fountain and the little angel!So Aaron's Mom gave me the hint to crop this one. I hope that it looks better this way.

A Mollsnorz and Bradley Photo. This was taken at Kids and Sibs. I just like it because of the spacing of it. I also like the (sorta) symmetry because of the hood being up and both of them reaching down to pet the miniature horsey!

I love this photo because of the light that comes off of the fire in it. Molly and I had a great time at Aaron's End of the Year Party in 2007. We just hung out most of the time. I just love the red glow and how happy we look in this photo. It just looks natural not really forced.

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