Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Cedar Campus Pics

Well I haven't gotten all of my photos from the end of this year switched onto this computer. So here are some more pictures from Cedar Campus in Michigan. I just think that it is such a beautiful place.
This me standing on one side of Cedar Campus looking out at Old Mill Point, the other side.

This picture I added because we just decided to create animals out of our taffy paper while playing monopoly!

I like the contrast of this photograph. The grass around this little flower was all dead but I thought it looked so beautiful.This is the picture of my friend Nikki. I don't know why I just thought that it was very artistic!

My boss said this should be a postcard. I kinda like it. I love the way the light reflects off of the lake. I was just sitting on a rock praying and I saw this and had to catch it! I think it was so beautiful!
One day also when I was praying I saw a person sitting out on the rock and wanted to take a picture but I didn't want to with out them knowing. Then I found out it was my friend Dennis so the next day we went out and took the pictures :)

Such an adorable girl. She was so cute :) Her name is Abigail. She was having fun jumping off the swings. I had a hard time getting a good action shot though. This was probably the best.


Deg said...

Great photos! I like the first the best. The second reminds me of the hot chocolate. Oh, how I miss it!

Maybe I'll start putting up some of my CFW photos on my site.

Holly said...

I also like the sky the best, followed by the first photo of the lake/lodge and then the flower. I like the spike-iness of the dried grass around that flower, interesting texture.

Toaster4JC said...

Thank you both :) I don't have a ton of photos to put up yet but I'm going to be trying to put some up from previous years!

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