Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More than skin deep

On Friday we are having an overnighter. For those of you who don't know what that is in InterVarsity it is basically a chance to hang out and get to know each other better. We play games, have relay races, eat nummy food (this year we are making some very nummy things), this year we are offering a prayer time, there's always an ice breaker as well as some dodgeball (for the boys).

This year, since we all know each other pretty well on the surface, I'm looking for more meaningful, get to know you better type questions. I have three so far but I am drawing a blank and I'm not sure how to google it. I'm wondering if any of you could think of some good "deeper" getting to know you types of questions. If you do please post them!! Thanks :)


Holly said...

here are some great links:

from: http://www.topten.org/content/tt.AU20.htm

Famous people/cities -

As each participant arrives, tape a 3 x 5 index card on their back with the name of a famous person or city. They must circulate in the room and ask questions that can ONLY be answered with a YES or NO to identify clues that will help them find out the name of the person or city on their index card. EXAMPLES: Paris, Madonna, Santa Claus, John Wayne, Casablanca

I did the one above for either a b'day party or a Halloween Party and it was a lot of fun. You could modify it to church related clues.

these look like fun:

all I did was type in "icebreakers" to google

Holly said...

and I like this too:


Toaster4JC said...

OOH Thanks, yeah we already have the icebreaker, we just needed more in depth get to know you questions. I'll email you the ice breaker since there are some of the people that will be going that read this blog!

Deg said...

The Overnighter was a blast! Thanks for all you did to help make it a success!

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