Friday, November 21, 2008

It's About Time

We made it on time this year!!! Btw these are from October and refer to my last two posts to understand better what Harvest is!

Same sign every year but it changes with the theme. This year's theme was Playing for Keeps: Going all in for God
Jon was clothespinned by Aaron, a tradition in our chapter started by the Grove City chapter which I spread to our chapter!
Main building - side entrance some of the seminars and our chapter prayer were in this building.
Main Building close up

Heart shaped leavesclose up

It took me three years to find this but I love it :) 1 Corinthians 13:13

But the greatest of these is Love.
I thought this would turn out better. It's on top of the sanctuary
Yay handsome prince and good friend DP
Moll Moll and Kiesel
Decorations :)
crazy photo
air hockey is popular at Harvest in the game room

And apparently so is Nintendo Monopoly. . .a bird's eye view
A few properties were missing and Pat knew how much each of them was worth from memory. That's SICK!
just another shot
my friend Amber that goes to Clarion, she is from the Pittsburgh area though :) She went to high school with a cousin of mine, small world huh?
more cuteness


Holly said...

looks like fun!

Deg said...

Harvest was a good time! I'm glad I was able to go.

Sky Yaple said...

yay for fun times with friends while learning about God! :-)

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