Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Month

Today marks the one month anniversary of Aaron and I being married.  We had a beautiful wedding surrounded by people who love us.  There were some major catastrophes: forgot to pay the caterer the day before the wedding and had to make my dad run out there that morning, minor catastrophes: who knew sparkling cider didn't always  have twist off caps, and some not so pleasant conversations with family members that day.  All of that said, it was a WONDERFUL DAY!!! I had the best matron of honor, mother in law and mom taking care of everything for me.  The weather was PERFECT!!!! It was overcast (great for pictures), sprinkled here and there, and sunny when we drove home as Mr.and Mrs. Wood.  The food was great, everyone pitched in to help clean up and best of all, everyone gave us compliments on the most important part: the wedding ceremony (especially the vows).

Now that we've been married one month I thought I should finally bring myself to blogging about our wedding and marriage thus far. 

We have had a few disagreements so far (where to put the dish towel, whether or not to kill the ants who keep rudely invading our apartment and freaking me out, and when to get up/go to bed).  All of these things are just little things that will be resolved in time.  We also have decided Thursdays are "our" night.  We have bible study Monday, Aaron has men's study Tuesday, Wednesday we hang out with the McKenneys, and the weekends are full of hanging out and church events so Thursdays are dedicated to US. 

We have also had many joys this month: getting a TV Tuner card for the PC to turn it into the TV so we take the big bulky TV out of our living room and put it in the game room, spending lots of time with friends, getting to spend much more time with Brandon, and getting our car inspected for free and it passing (after gettting a new windshield washer pump). 

We have been enjoying being married and all of the joys, challenges, and everyday stuff it brings. 

I plan on writing more later but right now it's back to work for me.


Kelly said...

Very smart to make Thursdays "sacred" for the two of you :-) What a great couple you are - my sister has some amazing friends! SO glad we got to meet you last year - we plan to be in town again this August - maybe we can crash Sky's and Andrew's place ;-)

Sky said...

Yay one month! Isn't marriage wonderful? I'm glad you picked a night to be your night. That's a good idea indeed.

And your wedding was lovely! Thank God for His blessings :-)

Holly said...

yay! You are back!

Toaster4JC said...

Yay thanks for the encouragement Kelly and Sky!!! Kelly maybe Aaron and I could stop by at some point and visit you and the kids when you're in Erie?

Yeah sorry this post has no pictures, I plan on doing another post soon with pictures as soon as I can get some of them edited. (And I'm trying to hold out for the photographer's photos.)

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