Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two weeks

A lil over two weeks to go and I was doing ok with stress levels until yesterday when it hit me I had a ton of stuff missing from my to-do list and I'm not sure how to get it all done.  None of it is really major stuff but man it's scary knowing there is only two weeks until the wedding. Holly and my mom have been great about helping out where ever possible.  Friends have been terrific if not for Sally helping out so much and offering advice not sure how this all could get done.  That said, Aaron is coming over for the next week or so to help  me get some cleaning organizing done around the apartment since I don't really have a ton of time for it.  He is a lifesaver.  Can't wait until the wedding is over and we can actually enjoy spending time together instead of mostly wedding planning.  We have been enjoying watching 1990s X-men together and we watched Blindside with Holly.  We've also spent time with my family the past two weekends.

This weekend is our last  premarital counseling, Pastor and Vikki are having us over to their house and that's very exciting except that not allowed in April weather word is supposed to appear.

Next weekend we have our bachelor/bachelorette parties.  That is very exciting to me.  So excited to spend time with bridesmaids and friends and family and such.  Kristin has her final dance performance as a Slippery Rock Dance  Student that weekend also so Aaron and I will be attending with our friend James.  So proud of her.

We are so excited yet I'm  freaking out.  Can it be May 2nd now and we are married and relaxing??? Please??? That'd be great. :)

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Holly said...


great movie.

Don't worry, the wedding is going to happen no matter if you are ready or not. It will all be fine, trust me.

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