Thursday, August 7, 2008

An update about housing

So my roommate and I found out that Conneaut, OH and Erie, PA are a bit further apart than we realized in the beginning and we will now be living on our own in our respective cities. I'm looking for a place in Erie right now. I have 4 appointments Friday to see apartments, most are in downtown on W 8th and W 9th Streets. My parents aren't exactly thrilled with the idea of me living downtown but, it's what I can afford. I also have friends that live pretty close to there so it won't be quite as bad either to get adjusted. I'm hoping though to move in by next Monday or Tuesday (if possible!) I know. . . I'm crazy right? I think so but it's just crazy because I start work in less than two weeks! Please keep me in your prayers friends!


Holly said...

you are smart.

you are careful.

you will be fine.

tell any criminal types they don't want to MAKE ME COME UP THERE.

Toaster4JC said...

hahaha Thank you! Oh how I love you! I'm actually thinking of changing my mind about moving downtown now. I'm thinking about going to move into Granada apartments. It's $30 more a month than the apartment downtown I liked, but it's got a lot more space and I think I'd feel safer there. Plus it has room to grow. . . at least more so than the other apartment. :)

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